Saturday, November 3, 2012

Anniversary Fun

Last night was my "surprise" date with the hubby, celebrating our anniversary!  We take turns every year planning the date - it's kind of a fun way to do things.  (We do the same thing with Valentine's Day.)  No sense in one of us always needing to remember and plan - we both like doing it!

So it was Mike's turn this year - and he did a great job!  What a fun night!

We started by driving to Robbinsdale, MN to a restaurant called "Travail Kitchen and Amusements."  The name alone sounds fun, doesn't it?!  Check out the link for a full explanation of what they do...  It's unlike any place I've ever been - and quite frankly, can't wait to celebrate another special occasion there!
Travail's kitchen crew and staff - so fun!
One of our 8 courses...  Mahi mahi.  Delish!
A little fun in the restroom...  Chalkboard walls.
So fun!

After dinner, we went to the Happy Gnome - a favorite watering hole...  They had tapped a keg of Surly's "Darkness" - so we got to try it!  (Nothing like celebrating 9 years of marriage with a little darkness...)
My date... 

But don't worry - we celebrated with light, too!  I got Mike a lamp that we've had our eye on for awhile!  And it looks lovely in our living room!

Really, if you just look at the words that describe our evening...  Travail (which means "toil"), Surly, and Darkness...  Good thing I brought a little light into it!  Ha!

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  Breakfast in bed!
2.  Coffee - at home!  (We finally got a new coffeemaker...)
3.  Finishing my project. 
4.  And loving it!  (I'll post a full pic when it's hung on the wall!)
5.  Still talking and laughing about dinner last night.
6.  Cooking together - the whole evening!
7.  Planning meals.
8.  Grocery shopping - we actually had fun!
9.  The dog's new "Bobo."  So funny.
10.  Mumford and Sons' new album, "Babel."  Loving it!

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