Sunday, July 18, 2010

July Re-cap

Such a busy summer!  Here's the craziness of the last couple of weeks:

*  Upon return from the mission trip, the hubby had the house cleaned, flowers on the table, AND was wearing his "My wife rocks" t-shirt when I walked into the house...  Which made me burst out laughing, because on the drive back from Mission, SD - I was wearing my "My husband rocks" t-shirt, joyfully anticipating coming home!  Too funny.  If I wasn't so tired, I would have gotten a picture of the two of us!

*  One of my favorite parts of this summer?  The Saint Paul Farmer's Market!  Almost every Saturday morning, we've been heading downtown to experience the market - and let's face it, the experience is half the fun!  We buy everything from tomatos, asparagus, trout, chicken, cinnamon bacon, rhubarb, soap (my FAVORITE soap ever!  Blue Heron Soap), pasta, scallions, eggs, bison meat, potatos, flowers, gelato (DELISH!  Simply Gelato), etc, etc.

*  We celebrated the Fourth of July in our usual way - a two day celebration.  The hubby and I went to Hudson, WI for fireworks over the St. Croix River in a small town setting (and dessert at San Pedro Cafe afterwards!).  Then, on Sunday, we went to my parents' house for a small family BBQ and fireworks viewing from some family friends' house - sitting right under the fireworks in their driveway - WAY COOL!

*  While waiting for the fireworks to begin, the hubby and I took a walk through the town celebration - food vendors, live music, and a few craft booths.  We ran into an old high school friend of mine, Caroline, who was selling some fabulous necklaces - made out of bottle caps!  So fun!  I got one - and am thinking about one or two others.  Check out her etsy site - they're fun, whimsical necklaces!  Pop Top Art

*  The weekend after the Fourth, the hubby and I decided (at my unfortunate suggestion) to go camping.  We live very close to a beautiful State Park, so I went early in the morning to get a campsite and when he got home from work, we packed up and headed out.  It ended up being about 10 degrees warmer than forecasted (close to 90), we had to hike up a long, steep trail - which is hard for me on a cool day, due to asthma.  THEN, the mosquitos were out in SWARMS!  I had agreed to try the hubby's trekking poles that day to see if climbing the hill would be a little easier...  but when you have a pack on your back and trekking poles in each hand, batting at mosquitos is impossible!  I was more than irritated, close to tears, and ready to go home.  Grrrr....  Once at the campsite, it was a nice night, if not a little warm.  We enjoyed our smores and a couple of beers.  But the descent back to the car on Saturday wasn't much better.  I ended up with over 50 mosquito bites on my legs, arms, back, and neck.  Miserable, I tell you.  I've decided I'm only doing camping trips to this particular park in the spring and fall from now on.  No more torture!
(Bailey had fun. But would've had more fun if I let her steal that hot dog bun off the grill...  Can you hear her saying, "Mom, stop watching me!!!")

*  I have gotten to spend a lot of time at the pool this summer.  Mondays, I work from home and have been taking my reading to the pool.  Fridays are my day off.  Love it.

*  We had a church event at the park my hubby works at.  So fun!  We invited all the generations - had a cookout, played games, and focused on the first of John Wesley's 3 Simple Rules: Do No Harm.  About 25 people came and enjoyed the evening - even our dog came and showed off her frisbee skills!  Ha ha ha.  After the event, about 10 of us stuck around and camped out.  It was a perfect night - a big campfire, more smores, glow-in-the-dark bracelets...  Very fun!

*  I had my first blueberry-picking experience!  The hubby and I drove to Rush River Farms in Maiden Rock, WI, and spent the morning in a BEAUTIFUL setting, peacefully picking blueberries...  I could have stayed all day if it wasn't so hot...  We ended up with 8 lbs of berries - which have so far been frozen and canned into blueberry dessert sauce.  Yum!

*  After the blueberry picking, we continued driving down the St. Croix River and had lunch at the Harborview Restaurant in Pepin, WI - another favorite place.  Their lasagna, even on a hot summer day, is to die for!  Next, we began our drive back up the river and stopped in Stockholm, WI, for their annual art fair.  Once of the best we've been to!  Live music, great shops, art vendors set up down by the river - and beautiful, unique art!  I'm already looking forward to going back next year!

It's been a great month so far - and tomorrow I leave for a week in Anchorage, Alaska, with my sister and her family.  So excited!

Things I am thankful for today:
1.  A good life.
2.  A loving husband.
3.  A funny dog.
4.  New opportunities.
5.  Living in a great city and state.
6.  Loving the people I work with.
7.  Learning new things.
8.  Healthy foods.
9.  Relaxing summer days.
10.  The ability to travel.

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