Monday, July 19, 2010

Alaska 2010 - Day 1

The day is finally here!  I'm finally setting foot on Alaskan soil, visiting my sister, Emily, her hubby, Karlin, and their adorable little girl, Finley!  Let the adventure begin!

Here are some pictures from my flight...  Yes, I'm the nerd who takes pictures from the airplane. Why else would I absolutely need a window seat?!  And trust me - these pics were worth it!  I've never seen anything like it from the air before:

Just a note...  If you have a long flight on Sun Country Airlines (5 hours or more), don't necessarily assume you're getting a meal.  Ugh.  I hadn't had breakfast and there was no meal served.  Snacks were for a price (a big price), and I slept through the first round of beverages.  Buggers!  (The good thing?  I read an entire book on the way out: "A Million Miles in a Thousand Years" by Donald Miller.  Great book!)

When I arrived in Anchorage, my sister was pulled up to the door as I walked out!  Fin was in the backseat assuming the role of tour guide from the minute we left the airport.  She started pointing out all kinds of things to me and wanted to know all about my airplane...  She wasn't short on conversation, that's for sure!

We stopped for lunch at the local grocery store, New Sagaya (kind of like a Whole Foods) and I had my first fish of the trip!  Ha ha ha.  Yes, I was planning on eating lots of fish.  I had a smoked salmon wrap sandwich - yum.  Then, we went on to my sister's adorable little house.  And what a cool place it is.  Bright and cheerful, warm and inviting.  (Fin gave me a tour of the whole house - including her "big girl's bed" and the guest room!)  A wonderful place to hang out for the rest of the day - since it was raining. 

(And I totally just realized that I took no pictures of their house...  Oh goodness.  Next time!)

Yep.  Cold.  And Rainy.  As I packed for the trip, I kept thinking it would be 65 and sunny.  Nope.  As soon as we got to their house, I changed into jeans and a sweater...  It was going to be a chilly week!

Shortly after we got home, Fin was off to have a nap.  Em and I curled up on the couch and watched "The Mexican."  It's a goofy, corny, cheesy, silly movie...  But I love it.  It makes me giggle.  It was nice to just hang out with Em for a couple of hours.  And it's good we got our rest, because when Fin woke up - she was ready to play "dance party!"  We were each given an instrument, turned up the music, and were told to DANCE!  Goodness.  Fin's not shy.  That's for sure.

When Karlin came home from a day out fishing, he fired up the grill and threw on some fresh salmon (caught the day before, I think).  We sat around a campfire while the salmon cooked and enjoyed the let up in the rain. 

A relaxing and fun first day in Alaska.  So fun to be around Em and her family - and to see this place where they are creating a life.  I'm looking forward to the rest of the week!

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