Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Thank You, Bishop Sally!

For all you who are Methodists, it may have been extremely painful to hear the outcomes of this year's Worldwide General Conference...  I know I read reports of the votes, the behavior, and the overall emotion of the conference with a broken heart.

I love the Methodist church.  I grew up in it.  I work for it.  It is my spiritual home.

But boy.  There are times I want to walk out and never look back.  There are times I don't think the worldwide connectional church will ever change enough to meet the needs of today's world...  There are times I don't feel like we live up to "Open Heart.  Open Minds.  Open Doors."  And it breaks my heart.

Last week, I had a long talk with my Pastor about my broken heart.  She understood and felt the same pain (which is funny, because she is still "becoming" Methodist, after a long journey as a Baptist!).  We talked about what it means to "keep on keepin' on."  What it means to live the love of Christ in our own church, in our own community,in our own lives and context in the world.  We talked about being faithful to God - and not to a written statement.

This video, posted below, is our Bishop, Sally Dyck, speaking at last week's Minnesota Annual Conference.  I was wondering if they'd say much about the earlier General Conference...  And I think she said what my heart needed to hear.  We just keep making the difference by being faithful, by loving and sharing, by making room for all of God's people.

The video is 33 minutes - but well worth it (especially if you're a Methodist with a broken heart).

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  Bishop Sally and all she has done for our conference over the last 8 years.  We'll be sad to see her move on in September.
2.  Hope for the future.
3.  Leadership that inspires.
4.  Purple pansies.  :)
5.  Mission Trip meetings full of laughter and fun.
6.  My Dad - for challenging me in my faith and for going on our mission trip!
7.  My Mom - for checking up.
8.  My nephew, Zion - for all his cute pictures that make me smile!
9.  Chocolate.
10.  Summer.

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