Saturday, June 9, 2012

Saturday Creations - Dad's "Wings"

I finished Dad's Father's Day gift - and I can post it, because we gave it to him early!  Phew!

In our family, we've always talked about the "roots and wings" that our parents raised us to have... 

The "roots" to know home, family, history, traditions, and the support and encouragement that comes with all of that.  Mom was the one who specialized in this, therefore her Mother's Day gift was a "tree."

The "wings" symbolized risk, adventure, dreams, wanderlust, and the ability to try new things (and know they'd be there to pick us up when we fell).  This was Dad's area.

So, wa-la!  Wings.

His gift is a collage of butterfly wings, made up of maps of many of the places his three daughters have lived or traveled so far...  (It was pretty fun to work on...  I had to leave a lot of places out - there were so many!  Pretty cool.)

Thanks Mom and Dad!  I'm very grateful for both the roots and the wings - they make my life the adventure it is!


Things I am thankful for today:

1.  Traveling.
2.  The beautiful places I've been...  Stunning reminders of God's glory!
3.  My sisters and the fun it was to get their lists of places.
4.  Dinner out with Mom, Dad, and Kayla at the "Crooked Pint."  Very fun.
(He liked it!)
(Mom's thinking, "My tree is so much cooler!")

5.  Youtube videos that make us laugh.  (Have you seen the one of a pug that can't run straight?  It even has it's own Irish theme song?  Hilarious!)
6.  An afternoon at the pool.  Lovely.
7.  The hubby telling me I looked great as we headed out for dinner.  Gotta love that!
8.  Hubby had another Lyme's disease scare, but things are lookin' up!  Phew!
9.  Our bright yellow lilies are blooming like crazy!
10.  Strawberries, strawberries, strawberries.  Yum.
(Picked at Afton Apple Orchard yesterday morning...  Glorious!  These will be jam very soon...!)

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