Sunday, May 13, 2012

Saturday Creations - Mom's Tree

I saw this idea on Pinterest as a Wedding Guest Book idea - this cool little paper tree, and everyone signs the leaves...  I decided to use it as a Mother's Day gift.

Craft #2:  Mom's Tree

(Some of the leaves are folded up a little to give a "3D" effect.)

All three of us sisters came up with words that describe or remind us of our mom, and I wrote them on the leaves.  Then, interspersed some blank leaves, too.

A simple idea - but it looks so pretty!

And I think she liked it!
(We missed you, Em!)

And it went so well, I offered to make one for the hubby's mom, too!

Things I'm thankful for today:

1.  Tiger McLuen, a nationally known expert in youth ministry, and a mentor to me - preached at our church last Sunday!  A true honor for me to have him there - and oh-so-fun!
2.  A date to Sea Salt Eatery - one of my favorite places in the Twin Cities!

3.  Meeting Mom and Kayla at "Craftstravaganza" this morning!  Some fun arts and crafts!
4.  Dinner with the hubby and our friend, Jill, at Wise Acre Eatery tonight!  Yum!  And such a cool environment - open air, garden themed, white Christmas lights.  So nice.  And the food was delish!
5.  A trip to the Farmers' Market!  Yeah!
6.  Mother's Day!
7.  Two of my high school boys tackling me with hugs today and yelling, "Happy Mother's Day, Megan!"  I had to smile.  I may not have my own kids, but I do have kids!
8.  Drying all of our morels (so we can use them throughout the year) and putting them in TWO containers in the pantry!  Wowsers!

9.  TV season finales.  So good.  (And now I'm free to enjoy summer!)
10.  Yummy pork roast from True Cost Farms for dinner!  (Nothing like meat straight from the farm!)

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