Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday Creations - Love Notes

Another Pinterest idea...  What would I do without that site?

Craft #4:  Love Notes

A cheap frame.  Some "burlap" scrapbook paper.  Some adhesive letters I found in my craft closet...  And a dry erase marker.


A dry erase love note board. 

Yep.  Write a note on the glass with the marker.  When you're ready to change it, wipe it away and write a new note!

Easy peasey.

And cute.

Now... If I could only get the hubby to write me a note once in awhile...

Things I'm thankful for today:

1.  Our Indian Taco Dinner last Sunday raised $1950!!!  Our trip is almost paid for!
2.  Surprising generosity.
3.  I went to a seminar, about raising kids with strong faith, on Monday night - with 4 other adults from my church.  The best part of the night?  A conversation in the parking lot, when one of the ladies said, "You sure have a lot to think about in your job...  And that's just with the youth!"  Cute.
4.  Book Group dinner!  Good conversation.  Lovely ladies.
5.  Dinner out with Em!  Always what I need!
6.  Coconut cake.  Apparently I love it!
7.  Riding rollercoasters at the Mall of American with our niece and nephew.  Very fun. 
(And playing in the Mirror Maze...  That would be my hubby in the picture.  Whoa.  Ha ha ha!)

8.  Cherry coke.
9.  Summer worship hours.  One more hour of sleep on Sunday mornings.  Love.
10.  Planning our summer vacation!!!

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KelsLars said...

I made something very similar!! Mine says 'Happiness is ____'.
At school I was much better about writing in it something that makes me happy :) Fun little reminder to smile and a good pick-me-up!

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