Saturday, May 5, 2012

Saturday Creations - Flower Wall Art

So, my little sister, Kayla, suggested I should post about my weekly creative endeavors.  (Actually, she said I should blog one craft and one new recipe each week...)  So, I thought I could definately give it a try!

Here's craft #1:  Flower Wall Art

Basically, I bought a canvas and painted the background color.  (Some people use spray paint, but I used up some of the leftover wall paint that we used on the rest of the room - it really ties in the piece of art!)

Then, I picked out some fun fabrics and cut out the leaf shapes.  (Some people use scrapbook paper instead of fabric.  I was worried that wouldn't have as "finished" a look, so I opted for the fabric.)

I played with the layout for a few days, til I was happy with the look.

Then, I glued the "petals" to the canvas with "Fabric Fushion" (a kind of fabric glue).  I painted the glue on the fabric, and smoothed the petal onto the canvas with a brush as well.

When it was dry, I used an exacto knife to cut away the strings that frayed around the petals.

And wa-la!  A fun piece of art to liven up our loft!

Things I'm thankful for today:

1.  Mike's morel hunting.

2.  Hancock Fabrics - much nicer than JoAnn's.
3.  Jake's music production at school!  So fun!
4.  Out to "Cooper's" with Kevin and Jill.  Too funny.
5.  Dinner with my family.  Yum!
6.  Dad saying "YES" to going on the mission trip with me!
7.  Looking forward to Tiger McLuen preaching at church tomorrow!
8.  Excited to start going to the Farmers' Market again!
9.  So many gorgeous flowers this year!
10.  A bird's nest in our tree.

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