Thursday, April 26, 2012

I'm BACK!!!!

Just a quick note - to say "Happy New Year!"  "Happy Groundhog Day!"  and "Happy Easter!"

I'll be back later with an actual post...  But I'm still here and thrilled to be on a computer that will allow me to blog again!  Woo-hoo!

For now, what are you thankful for today?!

Here's my 10 things:

1.  Sunny days.
2.  My fun little car.
3.  A dog that can't resist the squeaky tennis ball.
4.  Funny friends.
5.  A new work computer!
6.  Cool water.
7.  Jason Mraz's new song "I Won't Give Up"
8.  Hummus.
9.  Friendly gas station workers.
10.  Good books.


Carol E. said...

1. I'm thankful you are back!
2. You reminded me to do gratitude lists.
3. Beautiful day today - loved the little chill in the air.
4. a fun day at work.
5. my fabulous husband.

P.S. Can I go to the movie with you tomorrow??

Beth said...


1. Personal Trainers
2. Daughters that impress
3. Birthday weeks!
4. Burning legs
6. My bloggy friends
7. My real life church friends
8. The power of prayer
9. Dinners with friends and good books

Amanda said...

1. Free mocha from Stone Creek
2. Good music
3. NPR
4. Excitement for upcoming vacation
5. Flip-flops
6. Friendly people
7. Sunshine
8. Two hours of Snoozing
9. Family and friends
10. Megan's blog

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