Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Fun - Catch Up

Ok...  Since I've been missing in action for four months, I'll start with a quick recap of the fun stuff:

* Not really "January" - but close enough...  My new nephew was born on December 28th!  Zion is quite the handsome little dude!
(How cute is that little guy?!)

*  Took the hubby to a glass-blowing and beer-tasting event for his Christmas present!  Very fun.  Here's what we created...  Lessons needed if we ever hope to sell our wares!  (Don't worry...  We don't!)

*  My new little car finally came home!  "Half Pint" is my new Fiat 500 Sport.  She's lots of fun with great gas mileage!  But my favorite part about driving her?  ...Catching the people gawking, wondering "what the heck is THAT?!"  I just smile.
(Having a little fun on a snowy day...  How many cars can park sideways in the garage?!)

*  And...  We went to my god-daughter's first dance recital.  So funny!  4 year olds in tutus?  Adorable!

*  Started attending Financial Peace University (FPU) with the hubby.  Yep.  Dave Ramsey is getting our finances in order!  Debt snowball is in full effect!  (Don't know what I'm talking about?  Check out the website - everybody should take this class.  ESPECIALLY young adults!  We wish we had started this process 10 years ago...)
*  I got to take 3 remarkable young women to the United Methodist Senior High Youth Conference.  It was a great weekend - and really reminded me why I love working with youth so much!  Such great faith conversations...  Thoughtful questions...  New ways of looking at things and experiencing life.  Loved it! 

*  Got to spend an entire day at Afton Alps, a local ski hill, with several of my youth group boys and my hubby.  What a great day!  So fun to see the boys having fun - and one of them learned how to snowboard with my hubby teaching him.  (Which was quite a gift to both of them, I think!)

*  I got two free tickets to a screening of "Blue Like Jazz" the movie.  This is the movie I got to be an "Associate Producer" of (along with 400 others!).  My friend, Jill, and I went to check it out - a wonderful film, a fun Q and A with the writer, director, and main actor, and free popcorn!  (I'll write more about the movie in a future post...)
*  The hubby was out of town for St Patty's Day this year - but that didn't stop me!  I cooked a yummy dinner and was happy to spend the evening with Jill and my parents!  Good times.

*  My church presented me with a beautiful birthday gift!  Many people sent in one word describing me, to the office and our lovely Administrative Assistant, Diane; who took those words and transformed them into a portrait of me!  Crazy, I know - but so cool!  And the words were so thoughtful.  It makes me smile everytime I look at it.

* And the Hubby took me to see the "David Wax Museum" band at the Cedar Cultural Center for my gift - perfect. So fun!
*  Amanda came for a visit over my birthday weekend - and joined us for a night on the town with a few more friends!  So fun.  Gotta love the Town Hall Brewery!

So that's the quick recap - I'll write about April soon.  We took a short vacation this month, so there's lots to tell! 

Here are the things I'm thankful for today:

1.  The last 3 months.  Pretty fun!
2.  Good friends to spend happy times with.
3.  Burgers on the grill!
4.  Paychecks!
5.  Inspiration.
6.  Orange walls. 
7.  A hubby that cooks.
8.  Pictures.
9.  Pinterest.  Yep.  I got sucked in!
10.  Funny comments from bank tellers about my little car.  Gave me a good laugh!

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