Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Thankful Tuesday

I recently got one of those journals that you find in all the gift stores...  You know the ones I'm talking about - brown, cardboard cover - "Cooking Journal,"  "Fishing Journal," "Travel Journal," etc. 

I got "Inspirations: A Gratitude Journal."  And I love it!  I thought I'd share some of my thoughts from it on Tuesdays...  Here goes!

Today's weather, news, events:  Finally!  The sun is out - no more gloomy gray!  The news is full of coverage of yesterday's Hurricane Sandy on the east coast.  7 million people without power.  16 died.  So far, Facebook and texting has enabled me to hear from those I know out there - and all are good.  The election has pretty much been put on hold - except for the annoying commercials.

I am grateful for:  Safety of friends in the storm.  Power.  Clean water.  Sunshine.  Warm oatmeal.  Pumpkin cupcakes.  New friendships.  Making plans for travel!  The sounds of owls at night, outside our windows.  Smartwool socks.

Spiritually I:  Have been intrigued with the idea of "self-control" all this week.  Not just on little things, like food cravings and biting my tongue - but the big things like attitude and choices made that reflect my priorities and values.  Hubby and I even had a discussion over dinner last night about this idea...  So many things to think about!

People in my thoughts today:  Obviously, the hurricane victims.  Friends, former youth group kids, kids of friends, etc.  They're all in my prayers today!

Magical moments (comfort, peace, and love):  My favorite moment of the week so far?  Last night, Mike and I were cleaning up after dinner, and I was singing and dancing around like a complete dork.  I asked him, jokingly, if he ever regrets marrying a dork?  He replies, very seriously, "No.  In fact, I love that when we have problems or issues it is never about our marriage...  It's usually about having too much fun together - cooking, going out, traveling, trying new things, etc, etc!"  I just started laughing.  He took my dork comment and made it into a philosphical commentary about our marriage!  I loved it.

Donations of the heart (acts of kindness, sharing, caring, and forgiveness):  Since I work from home on Mondays, so far this week...  Notes of encouragement, took birthday treats for a youth group kid on Sunday, checking in on Hurricane friends...

For a better tomorrow (goals, ideas, etc):  Ha ha ha.  Tomorrow is Halloween.  My goal is to not eat a piece of candy for each one I hand out...!  Practicing self-control, you know!  (I've done good so far - I bought the candy on Friday, and haven't touched it!)


Carol E. said...

You and M. have such a special, happy relationship. It makes me cry when you talk about your marriage! I feel like mine is pretty good, too... we're so happy and well-matched. But there is something about you and M... you live a charmed life and fit together like spoons. I love it.

Carol E. said...

P.S.I meant to say that mine is excellent, too. Not "pretty good." We are lucky to have happy lives with our best friends.

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