Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Night in Denver

Day one of our vacation!

Since our flight didn't leave til afternoon, we had a lovely morning sleeping in and taking our time...  We were packed the night before and ready to go - and while it was relaxing, I think we were both chomping at the bit to get on the road!

At the airport, I had a funny experience.  We were sitting at our gate, with a half hour to go, and I was playing on my phone, looking at Facebook.  I noticed one of my ex-boyfriends, from my college years, was also posting on Facebook from an airport...  We starting messaging back and forth and surprise(!) we were in the same airport - so we met up.  Ha ha ha.  My hubby got to meet my ex.  Then our flight got delayed, so we ended up chatting for over an hour.  I thought it was fun - I'm happy to know he is well and has a good life!  You just never know what can happen at an airport...

Our flight was uneventful and pleasant - I think I kind of like flying Frontier Airlines...  I haven't had any problems with them yet!  AND they serve warm chocolate chip cookies - can't beat that!

When we got to Denver, we took a shuttle to the hotel - with about ten other people going to other hotels...  And our flight got in during the early part of rush hour, so that was a bit long - but a great way to see the city before heading to the hotel!  Our hotel - The Warwick - was in a quiet neighborhood, close to the fun parts of the city - perfect.  And we got upgraded to a suite - beautiful!
(The view from our room...  Nice, huh?)

About an hour after checking in, my friend Morgan, and her boyfriend, John, picked us up for dinner.  They took us to a fun Mexican restaurant, "Lime."  Good food, fun conversation - it was nice being with them for a short time!  (It was a work night for them, so after dinner they headed home - I'm so glad they made the time to hang out with us!)

After they left, the hubby and I went for a walk down 16th Street Mall in Denver - so fun!  We were worried it would be pretty quiet on a Wednesday night, but that was not the case!  Street artists and performers, loud and crazy restaurants and bars, beautiful buildings and parks - we had a lot of fun exploring!  (My favorite was the bagpipe player, playing the theme from "Star Wars"!)  We ended the evening at the "Yard House," a bustling bar (with a LOT of tap beers!) - great service, fun atmosphere, and a patio outside.  A lovely way to end the evening in Denver!

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  Traveling with the hubby - so fun.
2.  Surprises.
3.  Good to know an old boyfriend is well.
4.  Chocolate chip cookies.
5.  Plenty of time to read on the plane.
6.  Easy transportation.
7.  Being upgraded at the hotel - oooo la la!
8.  Time with friends.
9.  Exploring.
10.  A comfy bed and good night's sleep!

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