Friday, June 24, 2011


Day Three of our Colorado vacation!

Our big adventure for today was a visit to Sylvan Lake State Park.  Can I just say - Stunningly beautiful?!  It's tucked back on gravel roads a few miles from the town of Eagle...  It must be just far enough in that many people don't know about it, because there certainly weren't many people there - which made for the perfect spot for our Reunion Picnic!

We had a pretty little lake, surrounded by mountains - all to ourselves!  So 55 of us had our picnic lunches, hiked around the lake, did a little canoing and kayaking, and just enjoyed the day!
(Mom and Dad)
(Alex, Josh, and Owen)
(Owen, Pat, Kathy, and Jenny)
(Jason - the camera man)
(Dad, the canoe master)

Later, we all went back to the condos for an afternoon rest - all that dry air and warm sun can wear a girl out!

And in the evening, we had an informal dinner at another cousin's condo...  Moe's BBQ catered the dinner - YUM!  Generations were looking at pictures of reunions gone by, young adults were getting to know one another, little kids running around and playing...  More laughter and stories.  So fun!

And yes, later that evening, some of us younger cousins went down into town for a little mischievious fun.  Finnegan's Wake Pub was the place to be - a bit of a rough, local hangout - but fun nonetheless!  A few beers, a round of Irish car bombs, some bean bag tossing...  Way too many laughs for people who basically just met - but oh so fun!  Good stories for future reunions...  That's for sure!
(Dan, Ryan, and Brendan - I'm pretty sure they are the reason the next picture happened...)
(Irish car bombs...)
(Jason and his new bride, Ginna)
(Ginna and Josh.  Josh is my new best friend.  For those of you who knew me growing up - He's visited the Gorilla sanctuary in Rwanda!!!!  Crazy.)

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  Loving life.
2.  Hiking the small, pretty lake.
3.  Mule deer - so dopey looking!
4.  Sunny days.
5.  Canoing with my dad - I think for the first time!
6.  Mike and I figuring out the kayak - and then making progress.
7.  A nice, long nap.
8.  Larry's mischievious stories.
9.  A fun night out.
10.  2am bedtime - had to have at least one of these on vacation!

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