Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Baby Story... Part Two

The first ultrasound.  Ha!

So, the week I went for my blood test to confirm the pregnancy - hormone levels were high enough to get me in for an ultrasound the very next day.  Since I had a history with ectopic pregnancies, they needed to make sure the embryo was in the uterus ASAP.  My hubby had to work, so I went on my own - excited and scared all at the same time.

I got into position, the tech began doing her job...  And as I lay, looking at the screen...  I started to get a little nervous...

"See this?  That's the yolk sac - in the uterus!  Looking good so far!"  The tech confirmed the good news!

But as I continued watching her take measurements...  I was getting more and more nervous.  I could see the dark gestational sac with a yolk in it.  That's all good.  But...  There was also two more dark gestational-like sacs.  Uh-oh.  I waited for her to say something...  But nothing.  She was concentrating very hard on the task at hand. 

I had just convinced myself I was being silly, when she innocently said,
"So, you were doing fertility treatments?"

Um.  No.  No, we were not.

But thanks for confirming my fears!

The tech left the room and the doctor came in.  He explained that it was totally possible those spots were not sacs, but only irregularities on my uterine wall...  But we wouldn't know until my next ultrasound - in 10 days.

10 days?!  We could be having twins or triplets...  and we wouldn't know for 10 days!

I was kind of in shock as I called my hubby from the car.  I told him all about the appointment - and listened to the "pregnant" silence on the other end of the phone.  (Ha!  See what I did there?)

We were overjoyed that the pregnancy was viable, but had no idea what to think about the rest.  For ten days all I could think about was what would happen over the course of the pregnancy - my poor body!  Would I have to be on bed rest?  What on earth would we do with two or three newborns - when I was nervous about one?!

This was also the period of time when I started getting up several times of night to use the bathroom...  And each night, I'd wake up and my poor hubby would be wide awake on the couch - obviously thinking about stuff.  I'd sit down and ask what was troubling him - and every night, it was the thought of multiple babies.  I don't think the poor man slept for ten days straight!  (I tried to keep telling him "we don't know that, yet" and "one thing at a time - we'll find out more at the ultrasound."  But I was just as unnerved!)

Finally, the day arrived to go to that second ultrasound.  We went together this time - more than a little anxious.  As the procedure began, I took a deep breath - and let it out almost immediately!  One sac!  One baby!  And a little heartbeat going crazy! 

7 week ultrasound.

We had some good laughs over dinner that night - and that's when I learned what all the hubby had been worrying about (things I hadn't even gotten to, yet!)...  Bigger cars - 3 car seats wouldn't have fit in either of our current cars.  A bigger house.  3 college educations.  And on, and on...  No wonder he hadn't been sleeping!

But one.  One, we could handle.  And are thrilled that all was well! 
8 weeks.  First "Mama" picture!

Part three coming soon...  The first trimester.  Ugh!

Things I am thankful for today:

1.  A beautiful day!
2.  Feeling the little munchkin move like crazy while writing this post.
3.  A huge change coming for our little family - and I'm not talking about the baby!
4.  A phone call from an old friend last night - and the request she made.  An honor, for sure!
5.  Putting together a timeline for getting projects done around the house.
6.  Plans to visit another friend tomorrow.
7.  Our 20 week ultrasound is tomorrow!  (That will be a little different than the little "bean" pictured above!)
8.  Vacation plans in October.  Colorado, here we come!
9.  A yummy dinner - chorizo hash and fresh cantaloupe.  Mmmm...
10.  Feeling good and loving life!


Carol E. said...

You deserve that star on your head. Thank goodness it's one baby!

Sofia said...

Go girl Go!!!

I realy am so happy about you. I am reading your blog many years and I feel like you are part of my family.

I wish you the best and may God be always be with you and your family because you all deserve it.

Many kisses and love

Sofia - Athens - Greece

Megs said...

Sofia - Thank you so much! What a great little note to receive!
Love to you in Greece! --Megs

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