Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tuesday Check In

Today's weather, news, events:  Mid-30's, but sunny!  You know...  I haven't watched the news in several days...  Yikes!  Events?  Just spring break around here!

Today I feel:  Like I'm getting sick, gosh darnit.  Headache, sore throat, tired...  Unfortunately, I'm sure the worst is yet to come...

I am grateful for:  An evening home alone.  Rest.  Quiet.  Advil.  Early bedtimes.  Puppy cuddles.  Pretty sunsets.  The Voice.  Hot tea.  Springy scarves.

Spiritually I:  am appreciating the Easter sentiment of new life, new beginnings, new creations!

People in my thoughts today:  Amanda and the start of her new job!  Been sending good vibes her way all week! 

Magical moments (comfort, peace, and love):  When I asked our nephew, Brandon (who is 16), what he liked best about having a baby sister - he said that she sings all the time.  How cute is that?

Donations of the Heart (acts of kindness, sharing, caring, and forgiveness):  I've witnessed lots of nice things this week.  Friends helping friends move.  People bringing elderly loved ones to church on Easter Sunday.  Daddies taking their little girls to the zoo. 

For a better tomorrow (Goals, ideas, etc):  Need to get healthy - before getting worse!!!

QotD:  Who do you feel closest too?
Easy peasy.  My hubby.

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